Frequently Asked Questions


How are you different than other planners in the area?

As you can tell from my site I'm a event planner but I differ from everyone else in my area. That's not marketing talk; I really am. I run a event planning firm that works exclusively with corporate and non-profit clients in the South Sound to create organized events that get results. We take a strategic partner approach to planning which means we think about how this event will affect your business. We take into account, marketing strategies, design, budget management and overall goals instead of simply trying to plan a "fun" party. 

We aren't wedding planners who do corporate events in the off season. We're focused on planning brand-defining events that meet actionable goals.


What does full service event management mean?

When we take on your event, we literally craft an authentic experience from the moment your guest walks through the door. We coordinate the caterer, décor, registration, lighting, music and any other need your event may have. We take over all vendor communication (if that’s your preference) and you communicate with us directly. We are you’re point of contact for event the smallest of event details. We fully plan you’re event so you can do more of what you love.


Do you offer wedding planning service?

We currently do not offer wedding management packages. Since we specialize in the corporate event industry we feel that you would be suited with an event coordinated by someone who is heavily invested in the wedding planning industry. We do however offer referral for planners and coordinators that we trust.


What if I already have my event partially planned?

Perfect! We’ll create a budget for you so that you can see where your money has already been spent and create a plan for contacting/ hiring the remaining vendors. Then on the day-of we’ll coordinate with vendors and be your onsite eyes and ears, ensuring that your event is executed flawlessly.


Why do you charge a flat fee instead of a percentage of the total event budget?

We love lavish and over-the-top events as much as anyone but we don’t like frivolous spending. When a planner agrees to take a percentage of the total event budget there isn’t any incentive for them to negotiate pricing with vendorsor curtail over-spending. We try to be budget-conscis will all of our spending decisions so that this event is profitable/ affordable for you.


How does payment work?

After our initial consultation you’ll receive a custom quote from our office. A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to hold the date. The remaining balance is due after our final Pre-Event meeting (usually 2-3 weeks before the event) where we finalize details and go over event logistics.


I don’t need a professional event planner do I?

We love being asked this question! Our simple answer is no. Anybody with enough time/passion can plan an event. Below are some of the reasons why hiring a professional will benefit you.


Time – We are full time event professionals.  Event planning requires a great deal of time and energythat you may not be able to devote. We also take great care to make sure that every detail is carefully thought out to avoid any suprises on the day of your event.


Expertise – We communicate with hundreds of vendors each year. It’s our jobs to know about each industry that is involved with your event. Whether it be working with a caterer on a custom menu, designing a centerpiece or working with a graphic designer on your event invitations we’ve taken the time to learn what each vendor needs/ requires to pull of your event.


Connections – Our phones are virtual rolodexes of the best event vendors in the South Sound. We’ve taken the time to build relationships with vendors so that we hire them for your event, we are coordinating with friends rather than employees.


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